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Moorside Manor Kitchen


Moorside Manor Kitchen


This kitchen space embodies a harmonious fusion of our client’s desires and needs, intertwined with Brownlow’s vision to craft a contemporary family home within a cutting-edge eco-home. When Brownlow first encountered this property in 2021, it stood as a mere concrete foundation. We worked closely with our clients, developing their interiors until they harmonised seamlessly with their picturesque exterior. Nestled in Yorkshire’s green belt, this property demanded complete design originality and independence, a prerequisite for securing planning permission.


Given that this home was erected on an untouched landscape, selecting materials was a conscientious process that paid homage to the local environment and prioritised ecological sustainability. Consequently, we opted for local Yorkshire stone for the primary ground floor flooring. Excavated stone from the site found new life as exterior facades and a substantial rockery within the exquisitely landscaped surrounding garden.


One standout feature of this project is the indoor-to-outdoor kitchen serving area. The large aluminium sliding window unveils an outdoor stonework surface neatly nestled beneath the oriel window. This stone is from the same quartzite slab as the kitchen worksurface, creating a seamless space for serving food on sunny days.


This design excels in bridging the gap between a highly contemporary structure and the goal of creating a warm, inviting family home. Illuminating such a vast space presented challenges, but the hanging light raft was instrumental in bringing the lighting fixtures to a suitable height, preventing the space from feeling overwhelmingly vast for everyday living.


Our team at Brownlow handcrafted the cabinetry and panelling, including the live edge walnut island seating area and dining table, in our Cheshire workshop. Each element of the timber cabinetry, from its raw timber inception to its flawlessly spray-painted finish, was meticulously produced by our skilled cabinet makers. A particularly stylish detail is the brass dovetail shapes seamlessly integrated into the solid walnut plank top, showcasing the artistry and craftsmanship that define our work.


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