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Why consider Brownlow?

Why consider Brownlow?

Traditional style and methods –

We here at Brownlow believe in quality, well made furniture. Traditionally made furniture can sometimes be misconceived as old-fashioned and dated however through the use of different materials and great design, they have the ability to become spectacular contemporary piece of furniture. Even 10 years down the line, your kitchen will look just as breath-taking as it did the day is was fitted. It will last a lifetime… which brings us onto the next reason you should think Brownlow.

Free standing console table in the ‘Liverpool Residence’

Quality –

Quality is a word that has always been synonymous with Brownlow. Using only the finest quality timber from sustainable sources, all of our cabinets have been hand assembled for the last 15 years. The use of strong assembly methods like dovetails in our drawer boxes and dowels in our face frames give us the confidence to assure you that your kitchen a lifetime of use.

Solid oak dovetailed drawer box.

Creativity –

We love creating spaces our customers can’t help but fall in love with. Therefore, it is imperative that we understand your wishes to enable us to suggest creative ways of using space and adding your personality to your room. We have 20 different colours to choose from, over 20 different mouldings and countless original ideas to turn your dreams into reality.

Assembly and construction of moodboard.

Free design service –

Offering a no obligation, free design service will give you the option for a team of our expert designers to survey the room in question whilst answering any queries you may have about our methods or even about an idea you have. Once a plan is drawn up, we will invite you in to talk through your design over a coffee (or tea) and give you drawings and a quotation to take away on the day. We are always happy to chat and would love to hear from you.

Presentation of conceptual design drawings.