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Crabtree Fold


This study/home office is designed to blend functionality with aesthetic sophistication, creating a space that is both practical for work and visually appealing. Central to this design is a freestanding bespoke desk crafted from Koto Veneer. Known for its unique grain and subtle sheen, the Koto Veneer adds a touch of luxury and distinction to the workspace.

Along the back wall, cabinetry features prominently, enhanced by meticulous shadow gap details. These shadow gaps not only provide a sleek and modern finish but also highlight the precision and craftsmanship involved in the cabinetry’s construction.

The cabinetry doors are designed in a classic shaker style but with a contemporary twist, incorporating faux leather panels. These panels introduce a tactile element to the design, contrasting beautifully with the smooth, wooden surfaces of the Koto Veneer desk. The faux leather adds warmth and texture, softening the overall look and making the space more inviting. It also contributes to a sophisticated and professional atmosphere, ideal for a study or home office environment.

Completing the design, brass finished plinths provide a striking base for the cabinetry. The brass accents introduce a touch of elegance and complement the natural tones of the Koto Veneer and the faux leather panels. This combination of materials and finishes results in a cohesive and harmonious design, where each element enhances the others. The brass plinths not only offer durability and support but also serve as a luxurious detail that elevates the entire space.


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