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Moorside Manor


This kitchen space is a collaboration of our clients wants and needs and Brownlow’s vision to create a modern family home within a new eco super home.

When Brownlow were introduced to this property in 2021 is was simply a concrete slab. We worked closely with the client to develop the interior until it grew to match the charming exterior. Being built on green belt in Yorkshire, this property had to show complete design independence and originality from all others builds to tick the relevant boxes needed to allow planning for such a home.

As the property was being built on an untouched landscape, it was essential that the materials specified within the home paid homage to the local area and we greatly considered the eco footprint when sourcing. For this reason Brownlow and the client chose local Yorkshire stone for the main ground floor flooring, with the excavated stone from the site being used to create some of the external facades and also a large rockery within the beautifully landscaped surrounding garden.

Our favourite aspect of this project is the indoor to outdoor kitchen serving area. When the large aluminium sliding window is pushed to one side it exposes a stone work surface outside that is tucked neatly under the oriel window. This stone is from the same quartzite slab as the kitchen worksurface to create a seamless area to pass your food through on a sunny day.


We feel this design works incredibly well as its bridged the gap between an extremely modern new building and the end goal of creating a warm, homely, family residence. Lighting such a vast space proved difficult however we feel the hanging light raft brings the light fittings down to an appropriate level to stop the space feeling to vast for everyday life.

Shhhhh it’s a secret.

The cabinetry and panelling including the live edge walnut island seating area and dining table were made at our workshop in Cheshire. Our team of skilled cabinet makers carefully produced and each and every element of the timber cabinetry, from its initial raw timber form to its finished spray painted product. One detail we especially love is the brass dovetail shapes inlaid into the solid walnut plank top.

Check out the renders for this kitchen below.

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