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Dartmore Lodge

Bespoke wooden wardrobe installation

The open display wardrobe is a contemporary and stylish solution for modern dressing rooms, seamlessly blending functionality with sophisticated aesthetics. This wardrobe features a series of open cabinets that not only provide easy access to clothing and accessories but also turn the storage space into a visual showcase. Each cabinet is thoughtfully illuminated with LEDs, ensuring that every item is bathed in soft, even light. This lighting not only enhances the visibility of the wardrobe’s contents but also adds a touch of elegance, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere within the dressing room.

A Place To Dress
A Place To Dress

Central to the design of the dressing room is a bespoke island that serves as both a functional and aesthetic centerpiece. The island is adorned with feature leather strips that perfectly match the width of the polished brass handles on the wardrobe cabinets. This meticulous attention to detail creates a cohesive look, with the leather strips providing a luxurious tactile contrast to the sleek, gleaming brass. The interplay between these materials enhances the overall sophistication of the space, making the island not just a practical fixture but also a statement piece.

The polished brass handles on the wardrobe are bespoke, crafted to complement the modern, open design of the cabinets. The handles are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also ergonomically designed, offering a comfortable grip that makes accessing the drawer contents effortless. This blend of form and function underscores the wardrobe’s role as a luxurious yet practical element of the dressing room.

A Place To Dress
A Place To Dress

Overall, the open display wardrobe with LED lighting and the matching dressing room island embodies a harmony of design and utility. The integration of feature leather strips and bespoke brass handles creates a unified and elegant aesthetic, while the LEDs enhance both the functionality and ambiance of the space. This design not only elevates the dressing room’s appearance but also enriches the user’s daily routine, providing a well-organized and visually stunning environment.


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