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High Street Cottage


We love old buildings but they all have the same issues we encountered. Wonky walls, low ceilings and lack of light are just a few to name but with careful, simple choices you can create a beautifully fitted and modern feeling kitchen that is sympathetic to the rest of the house.

High Street Cottage

The small, narrow hallway as you step in from the high street leads you further into the house where you would expect the back of the house.

Instead, you are greeted by a charming beaded kitchen, the proportions of the which give a sense of height and elegance. In a room with ceilings as low as 2 metres, this is hard to do. It just goes to show that good design, cabinet making, and fitting can really transform a room.

Storing crockery and china is something that sounds so simple yet, we are faced with a dilemma. Do we put them in cupboards or drawers?

We often opt for the latter and introduce an ingenious peg mat which allows you to place threaded dowels into the drawer and compartmentalize all your crockery. A necessity you never knew you needed.


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